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Fulper - lot 242 March 2007

FULPER Table lamp, its mushroom-shaped shade with slag glass inserts over a two-socket baluster base, both covered in a mix of Cat's Eye and Flemington Green flambe glaze. 1" hairline from rim to glass. Vertical stamp and circular Vasekraft stamp, PATENT PENDING US AND CANADA. 21" x 16"

Sold for: $16,800 March 2007 Auction
Fulper - lot 018 May 2002

Large FULPER table lamp, believable marriage of a mushroom-shaped shade covered in a brown, celadon and blue glaze inset with green and amber slag glass, on a Cucumber Green matte base. (Originally came from a private, New Jersey estate. While the shade and base would appear to have been married, it would have been done decades ago. In any case, it seems a happy union). Both have rectangular ink mark. 21 1/2" x 17"

Sold for: $17,250
Fulper - lot 121 September 2005

FULPER Rare corseted vase with closed-in floriform top covered in Chinese Blue flambe glaze over Copperdust Crystalline (an unusual and effective glaze combination on a rare form, the first of such we've seen). Vertical mark. 11" x 9"

Sold for: $8,225
Fulper - lot 022 May 2002

Exceptional, large and unusual FULPER mushroom-shaped lamp, the shade inset with leaded slag glass pieces, covered in a strong Leopard Skin Crystalline glaze. Original sockets (2) and on/off switch. (The only one of this form we've seen.) Hairline to ceramic bridge between two pieces of slag glass. Rectangular ink mark on both pieces. 18 1/2" x 15 1/4".

Sold for: $10,925
Fulper - lot 020 May 2002

Fine and rare FULPER "Cattail" vase covered in a Leopard Skin crystalline glaze. (Much better than most of these we've seen). Minor burst bubble to rim. Rectangular ink mark. 12 3/4" x 4 3/4"

Sold for: $4,025
Fulper - lot 021 May 2002

Fine and unusual FULPER bulbous jug with loop handle, covered in a perfectly-fired Copper Dust Crystalline glaze. Quarter-inch grinding chip, shows slightly on side. Incised racetrack mark. 11 1/2" x 7 3/4"

Sold for: $2,760

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