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Van Briggle - lot 106 March 2006

VAN BRIGGLE Rare and early three-color bulbous vase sharply embossed with purple poppies on bright green stems against a mottled light blue-green ground, 1902. AA Van Briggle/1902/2D/III. 8" x 4"

Sold for: $31,200 March 2006 Auction
Van Briggle - lot 107 March 2006

VAN BRIGGLE Tall, early bulbous vase embossed with irises under a dark blue-green and bright green glaze, 1903. AA Van Briggle/1903/III/128. 15" x 8"

Sold for: $31,200 March 2006 Auction
Van Briggle - lot 237 March 2007

VAN BRIGGLE Exceptional, early vase on stand, embossed with green peacock feathers on a rich purple ground, set on a bronze footed base, 1904. (Possibly done for the St.Louis World's Fair. This is a large, rare, exquisite piece - there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.) AA/VANBRIGGLE/1904. 13" x 4 1/4"

Sold for: $42,000 March 2007 Auction
Van Briggle - lot 234 March 2007

VAN BRIGGLE Early vase embossed with geese and covered in matte green to chartreuse glaze, 1903. AA VAN BRIGGLE/5/1903/III. 6 1/4" x 5 1/2"

Sold for: $7,800 March 2007 Auction
Van Briggle - lot 001 May 2002

Very rare and early VAN BRIGGLE two-color vase with sloping shoulder, decorated with stylized iris blossoms and leaves in an unusual iridescent copper and eggplant glaze. We have seen three other examples with this glazing, all dated 1904. We assume these were from a single experimental firing, with Lot 1 sharing that date. Small chip to rim and base from manufacture. (Modeling of flowers is unusually sharp, showing hand-tooling after mold). Incised AA. 10" x 4 1/2"

Sold for: $14,950
Van Briggle - lot 003 May 2002

Fine and rare VAN BRIGGLE Dos Cabezas vase, 1908-11, crisply embossed with two Art Nouveau maidens, under a fine mustard matte glaze. Quarter-inch flat chip to fold. Incised AA/Van Briggle/Colo. Springs. 7 1/2" x 4 3/4"

Sold for: $6,900
Van Briggle - lot 002 May 2002

Fine, large and early VAN BRIGGLE vase, 1903, embossed with poppy pods and leaves, covered in a sheer, frothy lime green matte glaze, the tan clay showing through. Incised AA/Van Briggle/1903/III/173. 10 1/4" x 4 1/2"

Sold for: $4,600
Van Briggle - lot 225 March 2006

VAN BRIGGLE Fine and rare tile decorated in cuenca with trees in a mountainous landscape. Mounted in an Arts & Crafts frame. Minor corner nicks. Unmarked. 6 1/4" sq.

Sold for: $2,640 March 2006 Auction
Van Briggle - lot 130 September 2005

VAN BRIGGLE Bulbous vase embossed with trefoils under a rich, feathery matte green glaze, 1906. Some burst glaze bubbles from firing. AA/Van Briggle/Colo Springs/1906. 7" x 6 1/2"

Sold for: $2,820
Van Briggle - Lot 18 March 2006

VAN BRIGGLE Early vase with two handles, embossed with red morning glories, with green foliage on a grey ground, 1904. Small firing glaze scale inside one handle. AA Van Briggle. 11" x 5"

Sold for: $6,600 March 2006 Auction

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