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Limbert Bookcase

Single door cut-out bookcase with exterior shelves no. 355.

Sold for: $12,500
Limbert - lot 026 January 1999

Double door Bookcase with exterior shelves and cut-outs. Excellent original finish. Signed with a paper label. 48" x 51" x 12".

Sold for: $33,000
Limbert - lot 630 September 1999

Extremely rare octagonal table no. 139. One of Limbert's most stunning and hard to find designs. Original finish. Paper label. 29" x 48" x 48".

Sold for: $28,600
Limbert - lot 103 September 2005

LIMBERT Oval library table (no. 158) with plank legs and cut-out stretchers supporting an oval-shaped lower shelf. Fine original finish. Branded under shelf. 28 3/4" x 48" x 37"

Sold for: $16,450
Limbert - lot 157 March 2006

LIMBERT Double oval library table with plank legs and square cut-out stretchers supporting a lower shelf. Original finish with light overcoat on base, top color waxed, good condition. Branded under top. 29 1/4" x 47 1/2" x 35 3/4"

Sold for: $16,800 March 2006 Auction
Limbert - lot 102 September 2006

LIMBERT Massive Morris chair with a single, broad slat cut-out with three squares, under each long and flat arm, a drop-in spring seat and loose back cushion newly recovered in dark brown leather. Original finish with light overcoat. Paper label under arm. 37 1/2" x 34 1/2" x 42 1/2" some nicks and scratches to tops of arms.

Sold for: $12,000 September 2006 Auction
Limbert - lot 257 March 2006

LIMBERT Drop-arm settle with vertical slats all around, arched rails under the arms, and loose seat and back cushions covered in cordovan leather. Refinished, good condition. Branded under arm. 30" x 76" x 31"

Sold for: $6,600 March 2006 Auction
Limbert - lot 103 September 2006

LIMBERT Library table with an octagonal top over broad legs cut-out with rectangles and squares, and wide stretchers mortised through the legs with shaped tenons and keys. Top refinished, minor repairs to legs. Branded under top. 29 1/4" x 51 3/4" Seam separation to top, splinter from seam separation. Minor edge wear, addition of two of the small side pieces extending from the base of the legs.

Sold for: $8,400 September 2006 Auction
Limbert - lot 200 March 2007

LIMBERT Single oval library table (no. 146). Early paper label. 29" x 45" x 30"

Sold for: $4,500 March 2007 Auction
Limbert - lot 044 May 2002

Fine and rare LIMBERT trapedzoidal server with single drawer, arched apron and sides, and recessed lower shelf mortised through the legs. Original finish. Branded mark. 29" x 60" x 18"

Sold for: $10,925
Limbert - lot 104 September 2006

LIMBERT Library table with a turtle shaped top, long corbels, and square cut-outs to each side. Original finish with overcoat, good condition. Branded in drawer. 29 1/2" x 48" x 30" Minor seam separation in top.

Sold for: $4,200 September 2006 Auction
Limbert - lot 303 September 2005

LIMBERT China cabinet (no. 1473) with three small panes on one large door, and side shelves supported by long corbels. Original finish, minor scratches to top. Branded on back, metal store tag. 57" x 44" x 15 1/2"

Sold for: $5,875
Limbert - lot 047 May 2002

LIMBERT oval library table with cut-out flaring plank sides, arched aprons, corbels, and lower shelf. Some wear to original finish, good overall condition. Branded mark. 29" x 45" x 30"

Sold for: $3,220
Limbert - lot 050 May 2002

LIMBERT open-arm Morris rocker with corbels under long flat arms, arched aprons, and new beige linen cushions (back one not shown). Original finish. Branded mark. 32" x 31" x 40"

Sold for: $3,450

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