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What we're looking for:

Most of what we sell was made between 1900-1920. We only sell authentic furniture and accessories from the Arts & Crafts movement. We Are especially seeking items by these makers:

Gustav Stickley - L&JG Stickley Stickley Bros. - Charles Stickley Charles Rohlfs - Frank Lloyd Wright Roycroft - Limbert - Lifetime JM Young - Harden
Grueby - Newcomb College - Rookwood Paul Revere - Saturday Evening Girls (SEG) Wheatley - Walley - Hampshire Marblehead - Fulper - pre-1940 Roseville
Metalwork & Lighting
Dirk Van Erp - Tiffany - Stickley Roycroft - Heintz - Handel Old Mission Kopper Kraft - Harry Dixon

Also wanted, good Arts & Crafts examples of the following types of items...

Free Appraisals

We are glad to look at photos or descriptions of anything you might want to consign to a sale. Our twenty-five years in the Arts & Crafts market and the huge volume of pieces we sell every year means we have a detailed knowledge of both current and historic value of your pieces.

There is no obligation or charge for these services.

If, based on an appraisal, you choose to consign to our sale, we can arrange nationwide pick up. We will set both estimates and reserves before items are picked up. (Reserves are a minimum price, below which an item will not be sold.)

The Best Catalogs

Craftsman Auctions customers are located across the United States and Canada. Many of our customers cannot attend our sales in person, making it imperative that we provide them with high-quality, color catalogs and detailed item descriptions they can use in making their buying decisions.

Craftsman Auctions uses state-of-the-art digital photography to capture each object's beauty for reproduction both in our catalogs and over the world wide web. Our catalogs are laid out with large color photos of all important pieces, and smaller full color photos of all intermediate pieces.

Our Facilities

Craftsman Auctions is held in Lambertville, NJ at David Rago's auction gallery and offers a wide array of Arts & Crafts ceramics, metalwork and decorative accessories and furniture. In addition to our actual auction location, Craftsman Auctions has a drop-off location at Jerry Cohen's mall, The Antiques Marketplace, in Putnam, CT.